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Meet, Arvind Arora
The Teacher You All Love

"People can't dictate my future. I will try and if I fail, I won't blame anyone". Arvind Arora the "idealist" who through his consistent hardships achieved what was said impossible by his inmates. With continuous hardwork and determination, he acquired the position of first Indian educator to break multiple records in just a short span of time by getting 13 YouTube play buttons but most of all by gaining respect of millions of students. And that Arvind Arora, has put his faith on us. Let's join hands and create something big.


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Pustakey Insights
1000% growth!

Students with their life choices selection based on their interests will have all-round development. A life which is interest oriented will give students an ease of life, peace of mind, well gained social status, a profound profession and most importantly financial freedom. PUSTAKEY has just only one wish; to make students "architect of their own life".

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What is Pustakey?

PUSTAKEY is a platform providing support to k-12 students showing the necessity of interest based career choices. PUSTAKEY, founded and lead by students from IIT Delhi and Banglore with guidance and mentorship from Arvind Arora; has only one purpose that is to make students life full of interest based education.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Mission Statement

The first step for a fully developed nation constituting skilled work force, is indeed development of our present generation students. With continuous interest based learning and implementing, a far ahead future of developed India will not so far. Investing in students now will give great returns in future.

Our Solution

Implementing this idea PUSTAKEY would create a legacy where student will acquire knowledge only relevant to their interests by talking to toppers and world class mentors.


With a high success rate in interest based future, students from now on will have great life ahead of themselves.

And many more things to come.

Till then don't forget to download Pustakey.

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